Adidas Adizero RS7 Pro TRX FG 4 BOOT

R2,499.00 R999.00 inc. Vat


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Sprint Skin Upper which is light, softer and stronger than all other synthetics; weighing in at just 188g
(UK size 8). This sprint skin has been adapted to make it stronger than its football counterpart and
able to cope with the physical demands of rugby.

To maintain a slim and minimal figure the RS7 has used a Sprint frame that is an incredible 50%
lighter than all other regular TPU outsoles. Although light, strength and stability are not
compromised with the mid-foot support reducing injury risks through its hollow core construction.

A configuration of strategically positioned, triangular moulded studs, ensures optimal grip and
traction across firm natural surfaces. This sole plate has already proven successful on the adiZero
footwear series, providing more grip without adding weight to the boot.


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