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Rugby post/ pole protectors help to minimize, and hopefully eradicate injury of a rugby player/s if and when they come into contact with the rugby post/ pole during rugby practice/ training and/or matches. Besides the primary function of the health and safety of players, rugby post/ pole protectors also provide an ideal brand marketing opportunity for sponsors and/or the sporting fraternity concerned.

Corner posts are foam-filled/ padded field markers cover with material like PVC Tarpaulin or Canvetec – They normally come in 1m (Small) or 1.5m (Large) heights with the 1.5m size being the most popular due to the increased marketing exposure available on these units. Their primary function is to demarcate key areas on a rugby field such as the dead-ball line, try line, 22m mark, and the half way mark.

These wedges demarcate areas such as the 50m, 10m and 22m marks – They have the relevant distances on the front of the wedge and allow for brand marketing opportunities on the back (crowd-face) surface of the wedge. These wedges are normally made with a foam core and covered with a printable PVC Tarpaulin or Canvetec material.

The 50m/ 10m/ 22m Wedges & Corner Posts/ Flags Combo is a wedge with a corner post that is manufactured to come out of the top of the 50m/ 10m/ 22m Wedge/s. This accommodates enhanced field demarcation and brand marketing opportunities as these units are more visible and have more surfaces for branding.

Touch-Judge Flags are used by ‘Linesman’ (Touch Judges) to indicate when a player has gone out the field of play or when a kick has been convertered into points. Since the Touch Judge plays an integral part in the game of rugby, the flags used by the Linesman also make for ideal marketing/ advertising product.

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